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For owners of listed buildings who want to make any alterations on their property or to find out if your building is a listed, then you can contact your local planning authority for confirmation.

You will be permitted to make a number of alterations to your listed building as long as you adhere to the guidelines set out by the planning authority. Obtaining consent for alterations on listed buildings is similar to those that apply to gaining planning permission. However, 90% of listed building applications are successful.

Renovating Listed Buildings

Throughout the renovation of a listed building, all of the materials used must be suitable in relation to the original construction style of the building. For property owners considering work on Grade 2 or Grade 3 listed buildings, you may be able to acquire a grant to assist you with the reconstruction work.

Before you carry out work on a listed building, you must seek consent before any out the following :

  • Removing external surfaces
  • Installing roof-lights or dormer windows
  • Attaching satellite dishes, aerials and burglar alarms
  • Doors and window replacement
  • Installing new doorways
  • Roofing materials replacement
  • Brickwork Painting
  • Moving or removing internal walls
  • Panelling, fireplace or staircase alteration and removal

Listed Building Restoration 

Properties that have architectural idiosyncrasies and individual period features are recognised as listed buildings. These unique features give the property a special status and its original design is considered worth preserving.

Listed buildings are added to a register which records architectural features and buildings that are graded according to three categories :

Grade 1 Listed Buildings

Grade 1 Listed Buildings are buildings of special interest.

Grade 2 Listed Buildings

These are buildings of unique importance attached to it as well as being of special interest.

Grade 3 Listed Buildings

These buildings are of exceptional historical interest and every effort is made to preserve their features.

Restoring a Listed Building

Period Building Work in Rugeley and Oak frame restoration in Staffordshire.

whatever alterations are applied to the exterior or interior of a listed building, the results of the repairs or renovations must preserve its original character and architectural style.

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